Dance it out!!!

"Put me on a podium to say something and my voice will dry up, but put me on stage, and i'll be flying." - Mallika Sarabhai (Indian Classical Dancer)

I read this line in one of her interviews published in the recent edition of a popular women's magazine- FEMINA and I could very well relate to it. This was exactly me, few years ago. As a child, I used to try my best to avoid addressing a huge audience whether it be reading the news in the morning assembly or a JAM (Just a Minute) session (blame it on my introvert nature to some extent! ). But, I never felt shy to dance and perform on stage and have not disappointed the audience with my performance, ever. 

In general, music and dance are very essential part of Bengali culture. Be it music, art, literature, theatre, we are amazing at everything! ;) It's like, mostly the Bengalis are born singers. I do not fall in that category and have not been gifted with a melodious kind of voice. But, I do have a knack for dancing.
Dance is like my first love. 
I have always jumped at opportunities to dance and my parents have encouraged me throughout. Although, I have not learnt any particular form of dance but I am a quick learner and I like to choreograph the dance steps on my own. When it comes to classical dance forms,I am fond of Oddisi. And among the new ones, I like contemporary very much.

I believe dance is a way of expressing yourself, your emotions. You can tell your story through your dance. It gives you freedom. You traverse into a different world - a world full of positive energy. Dance makes me feel alive, makes me feel confident. Whenever I feel low or am going through one of those days when I feel like I-don't-know-what-I-am-doing-with-my-life; the only thing which makes me feel better is some good music , the mirror and my dance. I dance it out!! I can't express how good I feel after watching myself in that mirror, smiling, full of energy, alive!

Over the years, whatever confidence I was lacking as a child (as I mentioned earlier), I have overcome it. I think, the kind of exposure I got in my  
UG & PG colleges, that has helped me a lot, but the major reason would be, confidently performing on stage, always. It turned my shyness into my strength. Now I don't feel terrified inside when I have to address a large number of people. I can do that now by just snapping my fingers! ;) 

I believe one should always pursue one such hobby, which makes one happy. Whatever you like, you should just go for it. It is officially good for you! :)

"The singing, the dancing, doing cartwheels, and making myself look ugly on the stage, finally set me free. Theatre taught me that nothing could stop me from speaking my mind, singing from my heart, shouting my own truths out loud. What people see in me today is a confident, assured, plain seeking and sometimes abrasive woman."